Value Added Packages

More Music A few hours of background cocktail music, followed by light jazz during dinner and soft pop ballads during dessert add a nice ambiance leading up to the dance portion of the evening for an additional $200.00

More Sound At larger gatherings, (or with younger crowds) the most common request is to “Turn It Up!”. Each additional pair of speakers with an amplifier is $200.00

Dance Floor Lighting Always a crowd pleaser, a few banks of coloured lights chasing or flashing off and on to the beat of the up tempo dance music, and flood lights to throw some more colour on the floor during the slow songs. Add $200.00

Special FX A nice way to put some more colour on the dance floor with light effects generators. Dozens of multi-coloured twisting, scanning beams of light dancing to the music. An additional $100.00 each fixture.

More FX Intelligent programmable lighting fixtures able to change colour, patterns, and direction simultaneously. Smoke machines, laser light, pyrotechnics, and many, many more items are also available. Whatever the occasion, a package exists to suit the crowd, and the budget.

Up-Lighting There are also dance floor effects and up-lighting packages available for the venue where the room is lit in your wedding or corporate colours and can later pulse to the beat of the music while dancing. Packages starting at $200.00