School Dances

Here it is in all its glory!

  • 4 speaker sound (more than suitable for 350-500 people) consisting of 2 Electro-voice SH-1502 300 watt loudspeakers, 2 Gemini Dominator 15″ 3-way speakers on stands, 2 Amplifiers, a Carver Model pm2.0t, 625 watts/side and a Bi-amp model 2500 with 500 watts/side to power them all with.
  • Denon model DF-2000 mark II dual CD player with pitch control, Gemini “Executioner” Model Nineteen Mixer with built in EQ, kill switches and other sound processors, etc, built into the board.
  • Lighting consisting of 3 banks of coloured lights and 4 Par 38-150 watt floods with colour gels, all controlled by a Pulsar 0-3000 Mark II chaser and light organ, along with American DJ “Streaker” and “Twister” light effects. Combined with a Black Widow laser, A Kabuki Confetti canon and a L’il Dragon Smoke Machine.


All this combined to create the ultimate dance floor exerience to “Wow” the audience along with over 20,000 tunes to fill requests from guests, covering all eras and styles to satisfy everybody.
This has what it takes, to fulfil your function needs and deliver a success!
Sincerely, Chris Stewart, Lighthouse DJ Service