About Mike Hutchinson

Mike Hutchinson …A Brief Biography

Mike started under the tutelage of DJ master Chris Stewart, who trained him in the Zen of Professional Mobile Entertainer. While only yet a novice, his previous theatrical background surfaced and aided him to progress into the professional he has become. Now two years with Lighthouse, Mike is reaching to attain the level of his mentor, and provide maximum enjoyment for the clientele.
His enthusiasm, energy and personality provide a solid base for successful events. If asked, Mike will honestly state “There’s always more that I can do, I just haven’t reached the next plateau yet. Every event is a new experience and I take some valuable lesson from each and apply it to the next.”

While still young in the business he strives to produce successful, fun filled and memorable experiences for all. His attention to the client’s needs, their guest’s wishes, and music selections has furthered his ever-increasing professionalism.

In short “your request is in good hands! Let’s get the party started”